The purpose of this course is to give the EP agent additional expertise to aid in the safety and security of their client or principal. As we all know, an understanding of electronic surveillance and detection is a plus and can make our job a lot easier by adding those extra set of eyes and hears that never sleep, if we know how to make it work for the principal and for us as their personal protection agent.

Think about it. You have had an uneventful evening with your client(s), which is a good day and returned them safely home. On departing your principle stops and mentions that he wants to upgrade or even have installed a security system and asks if you could recommend a company. Well, there are certainly many of them to choose from.

ADT and Ackerman come to mind immediately as two of the most well-known names in commercial and residential electronic security and of course, there are a number of others but you know you can’t go wrong with the two previously mentioned. Now he asks, if you could take the lead in making it happen, which is $$$ in your pocket because he doesn’t have the time, expertise or trust in a stranger but he trusts you. But you really don’t know very much about the different detection devices, their application or design.

My belief is that our expertise in security should certainly not stop at the physical.
Many times a principal may expect you to be the SME on all aspects of personal security, including electronic. What this course is intended to do is give you an edge by equipping you with the knowledge necessary to intelligently ask those key questions with understanding, during the initial proposed design.

You will also have the assurance that what is being proposed and installed by the chosen organization, will meet your client’s expectations based on the physical attributes of his property.

This course will give you a high-level view of things to consider in the initial design and how the various detection devices work and the diverse environments they are best suited for. In other words, what works best, where.

There is no cookie cutter approach when designing security systems for high profile clients. Your principals position, net worth, popularity, etc. as well as the environment, acreage, size of the home, children, pets, all play a role in its design. During this 2 hour course, we will examine several aspects, surrounding electronic security system.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Control Boxes – CPA (Central Processing Appliance)
  • Contacts – Window, Floor, Explosion Proof
  • Glass Break Detectors
  • Ultra Sonic
  • Microwave Motion Detectors
  • Photo Electric Eyes
  • Infrared Detectors
  • Laser Perimeter Detection
  • Proximity Detection- (Safes, Ground, and Fence)
  • Tomographic Detection Systems
  • Fire Detection
  • Alerting – Sirens vs. Visual
  • RF-ID
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems
  • RF vs. Hard-Wire
  • Analog, IP Phones, and Cellular
  • Electronic Countermeasures (RF Jamming & Bug Detection)

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