We understand that students in countries around the world who wish to train under PHALANX may not be able to travel to the United States for training, due to passport/travel restrictions, airfare, and overall cost.
PHALANX offers a distance education training program to (international students only)  In the world of Executive Protection, there is no substitute for hands-on training, as the student must show proficiency in Formation Drills, Advance Work, Attack on Principal Drills, Unarmed Self Defense, Tactical First Aid, and more. 
Our team of elite instructors will come to YOU to conduct training and certification. The “Host Country” is responsible for travel and lodging for an instructor staff of three. Contact this office to arrange training for you and your team!
Phone: 770-799-6471 or email us at 
Join our “INTERNATIONAL AFFILIATE PROGRAM” and become an international representative to PHALANX. Click on the link below, scroll down to bottom of page to join now! As an international member, you will receive special discounts and your country’s flag will be posted on our website and at future training conferences.


Agent Marc Wright (JAMAICA)

Agent “KC” (SENEGAL)

Agent Vernard Bain (BAHAMAS)

Agent Julien Smith

Agent Benson Mandela (KENYA)

Agent David Breedy (BARBADOS)

Agent Norman Mayers (PANAMA)

Agent Luis Gonzales (MEXICO)

Agent Fernando Figueroa
(Dominican Republic)